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11 Tips to Get Your Kids Moving

Today’s kids are nothing like what we used to be. They have a lot of homework coupled with mountain of extra-curricular activities; finding time for physical activity may be difficult. As a result, with less time for outdoor activities and more electronics competing for your child’s attention, it’s easy for physical activity to play second fiddle. 

How your child spends his out-of-school hours says a lot about his fitness. If he is surrounded by video games and bad food, he will suffer in his fitness level. More toddlers these days have less interest in going outside to play with their friends. If your kids are stuck in a rut when it comes to exercise, here are a few fantastic ways to get them moving.

1. Control TV watching time
Make sure you restrict the TV watching time every day. Just 1-2 hours is enough for entertainment. To keep temptation at bay, remove TVs from bedrooms and put them in shared space where you can supervise. 

2. Promote activity video games
There is no running away from the fact that kids love video games. Don’t get them video games that will make them sit in a place and play, rather get them a console that has games that will make sure they are moving when they are playing.

3. Walk them to school
You don’t need to drive them to school or the nearest school bus stop every day. You can even walk them once in a while. This way even you will get some exercise.

4. Lead by example
Your kids will always look up to you as a role model. So if you sit on the couch every time after coming from the office, they will do the same. So make sure you are as inclined to fitness as you want them to be. If they see you enjoying physical activities, they would want to do the same.

5. Make fitness a family agenda
Make fitness a family matter. Plan an activity oriented family vacation such as a camping or fishing. Even on weekends you can do various activities like flying kites, riding bikes, or playing cricket.

6. Assign a few household tasks
Household tasks are a great way to break some sweat. Give some task like cleaning his/her own room, cleaning his clothes, washing the car etc. This way he will also develop some discipline and responsibility.

9. Challenge them
Challenge your kids in fitness activities. Who can run the fastest? Who can do the most jumping jacks? Start slow but build up, and be creative.

10. Play together
Kids love your attention. Get your child off the couch by taking him to the playground or outside for a game of catch.

11. Find activities that your kids love
Different kids like different things to do. Some like dancing, some like swimming and so on. Find out what your kids like. You can even check around his/her friend circle to find out what they are doing. Chances are your kids would like to do the same.

The childhood obesity epidemic won’t be resolved in a day. Concentrated and regular efforts are required to make sure it goes away. With steady efforts by parents from all across the globe, we as a culture can encourage a healthier future.


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