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Put Spring in Your Step

Yikes! If you haven’t been active, winter can take a scary toll on your waistline. There’s nothing like the promise of summer shorts and bathing suits to make that laziness a reality. Why not make Spring Break your family’s opportunity to spring into action for a healthier summer – and year.

Set goals together.
Talk about what you’re going to do this summer and how a healthier lifestyle will make those activities more fun.

Don’t get too crazy about it. 
You don’t need to do everything at once to get in shape for spring and summer.

•  Change just one or two things like controlling portion size or lowering fat and
   sugar intake.
•  Once that change is a solid habit, initiate another change.

Add more daily physical activity –with the goal of 30 minutes every day.
•  Turn off the TV, shut down the computer, hang up the phone and get outside!  
•  Go for a brisk walk at lunchtime, after dinner, or both.
•  Take the stairs whenever you can.
•  Wash the family car as a family.
•  Get into the garden. Plant, weed, mulch, trim, bag and mow your way to
   improved fitness. Take it a step further and plant a family garden filled with
   vegetables, fruits and herbs.
•  Walk in place or dance while you watch TV.
•  Is school or work nearby? Switch from car rides to bicycle rides.
•  Plan a family hike at least one weekend a month. 

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