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Turn Spring Cleaning into Active Fun

With just a touch of creativity, you can turn seasonal top-to-bottom house cleaning into clean competition set to a lively beat. Get the whole family involved and create an annual event you’ll all look forward to.

Make every chore an active game – with prizes! 
•    Place a sticky note on all of the items that need cleaning.
•    Include activities like wiping down tables and chairs, flipping mattresses,
     vacuuming sofa pillows and cleaning glass on pictures.
•    Have children collect the sticky note from each task they complete.
•    Inspect their work before collecting the sticky notes and tallying the
     completed chores.
•    Offer an active prize, like a ball, jump rope, Frisbee or bathing suit, to
     the child who collects the most sticky notes.

Pump up intensity with music and time limits.
•    Turn on the music and assign a certain number of songs for completing each
     cleaning task. For example, allot two songs (about 6-8 minutes) for vacuuming
     the carpet and floorboards in each room; one song for dusting; three for wiping
     down outdoor furniture.
•    By setting a time limit, you’ll all move faster and get your heart pumping – and
     music will provide a pleasant beat to move to.

Reward a job well done.
•    Make a special, healthy dinner for the whole family team.
•    After dinner, assign everyone a clean-up task, then go for a walk as a group
     to plan the next cleaning event.

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