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Make it a Healthier Summer

Sometimes all it takes are a few reminders to get our waistlines back in shape.
Here are a few tips that the whole family can adopt as a year-round routine.

•   Choose low fat or fat free milk over whole milk.

•   Drink a full glass of water before you sit down to eat a meal.

•   Avoid food portions larger than your fist.

•   Thirsty? Think water first, then diet sodas, then fruit juice.

•   Stretch or do a few sit-ups as soon as you get up.

•   Choose fruit for dessert instead of sugary sweets.

•   Take the stairs whenever you can and add extras steps to every day.

•   Always eat before you go grocery shopping to cut down on impulse buys.

•   Always make a grocery list before you shop, and stick to it.

•   Use applesauce instead of oil when you bake.

•   Add more veggies to your sandwiches or substitute vegetables for meat or

•   When eating out, ask that half of what you order be put in a to-go container and
    the rest be served at the table. You’ll eat less and have lunch for the next day.

•   Take a family walk after dinner every night. Make the walks longer on the
    weekends or when other activities aren’t planned.

•   Alternate your favorite activity one day with a friend’s favorite activity the next day
    to add variety to your workouts!

•   Just say no to second helpings. If you’re still hungry, have more veggies, salad or
    piece of fruit.

•   Cut high calorie foods like cheese and chocolate into small pieces and only eat a
    few pieces.

•   Switch to nonfat or low fat mayo, salad dressings, sauces, sour cream and
    yogurt and other condiments.

•   Pack your own healthy snacks and lunch for school – and for work.

•   Add berries, bananas or grapes to your breakfast.

•   Don’t skip meals. You need the fuel to keep your body healthy.

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