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Get a Jump on Fitness

A jump rope is one of the most portable – and cheapest – pieces of fitness
equipment you
can buy. If you travel, it goes with you. If you work out at home,
it’s easy to store. Like to
be outside? It does too. Prefer AC? Just find a solid
place to land.

Always wear good sneakers when you jump rope, just as you would for a walk
or run. To be sure your rope fits you right, hold the ends of the rope in one hand
with the loop at the floor. Place one foot on the floor in the center of the loop and
lift the handles. The handles shouldn’t go past your armpits.

Even if you can fit in just five minutes of jumping rope, you’ll find the following
routine givesyou a great mini workout. Repeat the five-minute set until you’ve
worked up to 30 minutes of jumping rope each day. As with other aerobic exercise,
music can add a lot more fun to the routine. And don’t be afraid to sing those jump
rope songs you knew as a kid, either.The cadence helps you keep the beat and
retain momentum.

Minute 1: Single Jump
•    Jump with feet together.

Minute 2: Ski Jumps
•    Place the rope in a line on the floor. Keep your feet together as you jump over it
     from left to right.

Minute 3: Double High Jump
•    Jump as high as you can so you can pass the rope under your feet twice while
     you’re in the air.

Minute 5: Rope Run
•    Use a running stride as you turn the rope, passing it under one foot at a time.

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