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Family Nutrition

Get Past the Picnic Pig-Out

Take a glance at the table at a summer get-together and you’re looking at the
equivalent of a high-calorie home-style restaurant menu: Uncle Bob’s rich
dip; Sister Heather’s creamy macaroni salad; Dad’s perfect brisket;
Aunt Sue’s redwhite-
and-blueberry layer cake. So how can you enjoy yourself
without denial and
regret? Don’t blow your hard work at staying healthy at this
year’s family events and
holiday parties. Go armed with a plan that will keep
you healthy and happy.

1. If you know from experience that there won’t be many healthy food
    options, bring a healthy dish to add to the buffet. Bring enough for everyone,
    since there will probably be others who feel the same tug to the caloric dishes.

2. Encourage everyone to drink a glass of water before you leave for the event,
    and bring water with you to drink throughout the party. That will keep you from
    the sodas, punches, beer and wine.

3. Don’t graze. Make a smart plate (and plates for the kids) and sit down to eat.

4. Take pleasure in everything on your plate by chewing it slowly.

5. If you don’t eat everything on your plate, throw it out. Don’t save it for later.

6. Talk more; eat less.
7. Make this the event where you have NO alcohol.

8. Distance yourself from the food table and make only one trip to it.

9. Bring games that keep you and the kids busy. Tote along Frisbees, balls, jump
    ropes, hula hoops, even board games.

10. Wear a snug waistband and you’ll know when you’ve eaten enough.

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