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Step Up to a Smart, Moderate Walk

Walk at a moderate pace for 30-50 minutes a day at least 3-4 times a week and in just 90 days you’ll boost blood flow to your brain by 15 percent. Plus you’ll lower your blood pressure and heart rate by about 5 percent. Whether your body is 40 or 14, within three months of doing a little exercise like moderate walking, you’ll reap huge benefits.

We all know walking is good for your heart. But the increase in blood flow will also flush your brain’s blood vessels of excess amyloid-beta protein that’s linked to Alzheimer’s disease. So get started on your own, with the family by your side or with friends, and get focused on better overall health. There’s no need to sweat either, simply get moving and you’re already halfway home!

Stand tall when you walk
   • You’ll be better balanced and strengthen your core muscles

Keep your eyes ahead, not downcast, and your shoulders
and neck relaxed

   • Avoid leaning forward or back which will slow you down

Pump your arms back and forth as you stride
   • This gives your arms a workout and strengthens your stride
   • Speeding up your arm swing will automatically increase your
     walking speed too

Land on your heel, then roll forward and push off with your toes
   • This action allows you to walk faster and burn more calories

Don’t take huge strides
   • Over-striding decelerates your pace, and while you may burn a few
     more calories with longer steps, you’ll also tire faster

Try interval training as you walk
   • Walk slowly for 2 minutes, then increase your pace for 2 minutes.
      Repeat this pattern for the entire time you’ve set aside to walk

Use a pedometer
   • Track your steps and you’re more likely to take more of them

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