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Celebrating three months of success, USAF FitFamily
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Meet the Fox Family

Stationed at Hill AFB, Utah, Captain Joel, Nichole and sons Gabriel, 4, and
Mason, 1 ½ are forming healthy lifetime habits by making fitness a priority.
As with most military families, they face challenges with Joel’s busy schedule.

“Planning is the key,” says Nichole. Bike riding, kite flying, camping and just
playing tag with the boys are among their favorite family outdoor activities and
with all the parks in the area, exploring new territory is pretty easy to do!

The USAF FitFamily site has produced some great new ideas for the Fox family
– and after achieving the ‘Togetherness Certificate’ on Goal Tracker, they are
motivated to reach the next level! The Fox family joined thousands of others
across the US in the America’s Armed Forces Kids Run on May 15.

Fox family tip to other families:
life expectancy for the generation we are currently raising is less than their
parents due to early childhood obesity. Teach your children at an early age to
be active and understand the importance of their health. The FitFamily site offers
resources and tools that help make healthy choices fun for the whole family.

Meet the Barnes family

Colonel Steven Barnes and Lieutenant Colonel Teresa Barnes are among a
growing number of military families with both husband and wife serving on active
duty. Their challenges extend beyond the usual busy schedule and finding time
to do things together as a family – to simply having the family together at the
same base. Fortunately they are both assigned to Randolph AFB where Steven
is responsible for Chief Medical Standards and Teresa is an Attorney at the JAG
office. Rounding out the Barnes family is Alexander, 12 – a 7th grade student
at Randolph Middle School. Involved in the Youth Center programs on base,
Alexander is learning to play the piano and is active in most sports with a special
interest in basketball.

Passionate about a healthy lifestyle
Losing both her parents to adult onset diabetes, Teresa is passionate about a
healthy lifestyle for her family through exercise and diet. One of the Barnes family
goals is to eat at home more often.

Using the FitFamily site to find quick, healthy and varied meal choices has been
particularly helpful. Healthy foods are definitely a family affair for the Barnes’s.
Teresa and Alexander proudly tend their vegetable garden regularly and are
anxious to reap the rewards of their efforts with fresh corn, green beans, zucchini,
cantaloupe, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Dancing, running, swimming, racquetball and strengthening training are among
the physical activities enjoyed by the Barnes family – with the Wii Fit Plus quickly
becoming a family favorite.

The Barnes family offers this tip:
Take a proactive stance if you face genetic disorders like diabetes or obesity.
Think about the future – your future – get out and exercise and change poor
lifestyle habits, it’s not too late! Use the FitFamily site for motivation and
practical applications.

Meet the Munoz-Cook family

Parents John and Consuelo face the difficult task of planning activities for the
family to do together that fits into the busy schedule of two teenagers, Alice and
Paul, who are involved in lots of after school activities. Evening meals at the
Munoz-Cook home is more than a venue for establishing healthy eating habits
– it’s also base camp to catch-up and plan upcoming activities.

Favorite family activities include card and board games, walking, biking and
supporting one another in school sports, band and ROTC programs. Alice
participates as a volunteer at the base Youth Program events for younger
children. The entire family looks forward to maxing out on points every day
using Goal Tracker through regular exercise, healthy diet and a strong
spiritual balance.

Determined to maintain an exercise regime
Retirement last year finds John determined to maintain an exercise regime
that includes running, participating in base events like the Fun Run and he and
Consuela work-out regularly at the base gym.

The Munoz-Cook encourages everyone to get fit
With so many activities from which to choose, the Munoz-Cook family invite all
USAF families to get involved in the FitFamily program – begin slow, but stick to
it! As we begin to age, healthy living is more important than ever! Increase your
own life expectancy through exercise and proper nutrition.


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