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FitFamily of the Month

The Harrison’s goal in using the FitFamily website is to
eat healthier and encourage others to become involved.

As the March ‘FitFamily of the Month,’ the William Harrison family from Beale AFB, California, enjoys a very active lifestyle—and now with the help of the Fit Family web site, they are finding activities of interest for the entire family.

According to Mom, Janice, and Dad, William, their daughters Juliana, 20, and Ashley, 19, have activity interests quite different from sons William G., 9, and Cameryn, 6—which can be a challenge for the Harrison’s.

But, not anymore. That’s because the website provides the ideal venue for them to participate in fun family activities—plus they get healthy recipes, fitness tips and quizzes, interactive idea sharing and an easy way to set and track their fitness goals called “Goal Tracker.”

The Harrison family has earned over 80,000 points so far! 
From setting the table together to taking family bike rides—and numerous other fun activities, the Harrison’s are currently the high points winner by logging in over 80,000 points!

While they aren’t new to sporting activities, or even programs promoting physical fitness (the family won the USAF Triple Play Challenge in the summer of 2009), their goal in using the FitFamily website has been to eat healthier and encourage others to become involved.

The boys participate in programs through the local Youth Center where Mom, Janice works as a counselor. Both William and Janice have served as coaches for the sports teams on which the boys participate. Janice has even expanded her coaching talent to include cheerleading.  

Like 80% of married couples in the U.S. who are dual income earners, the challenges to find time for family activities and physical exercise are greater than ever—even for the Harrison’s.

Using the FitFamily website is a daily event for the Harrison’s
“Each day I log onto the FitFamily website and then, as a family, we decide what we’ll do that day,” said Janice. “The program really creates a unique setting for family bonding.  With a dual working family - one serving in the military and often called away from home - we look for every opportunity to have quality family time and stay connected with our children.”

The Harrison boys say they enjoy the time the family spends on FitFamily activities. Since the family goal is to learn about and practice better nutritional habits, the family takes part in planning and cooking healthy meals. Activities like washing vegetables, selecting new fruits to try and even gathering the ingredients required for the meal, have been a part of the learning process for the entire family.

For the Harrison’s—and other families—being a fit family is priceless
Through the Youth Center, Janice has actively encouraged parents and children to enroll in the FitFamily program. Her selling point? There is no cost to participate and the reward for the entire family is priceless.

So, join the Harrison’s. Get up. Get out. Get fit. Together!


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