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USAF FitFamily introduces the online USAF LivingFit Weight Loss Program

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Launched December, 2011, Air Force members and families now have access to USAF LivingFit, a program designed to help reach weight loss goals through good nutrition and balanced activity. While USAF LivingFit is a sister-initiative to the USAF FitFamily program, use of the USAF LivingFit tools and information is available to non-FitFamily members as well.

Consistency and commitment is key to achieve weight loss
USAF LivingFit is an easy and fun-to-use plan to help keep users on track with their weight loss goal. An automated email serves as a reminder to weigh and record weight each week to participants. Sample meal plans, goal activities specific for the user and healthy eating tips are all a part of what can be found on the USAF LivingFit site.

Finding the right balance
USAF LivingFit recognizes the two basic components a person can control as critical in a successful weight loss and maintenance plan. What goes IN – the foods one eats; and what goes OUT – the calories burned through activity. Users will learn why both are important and how to find the right balance of calories IN and calories OUT based on their specific goal.

Awareness and action – a powerful combination for success
Presented in a format mindful of the complexities involved when trying to lose weight and feed a family, USAF LivingFit offers foods to avoid and substitutes to enjoy! Participants will find easy to understand tips – and that small changes can make a big difference. Plus users will enjoy tips on maintaining a weight-loss program even when eating out and consuming fast foods.

Healthy IN and OUT requires moderation
Favorite foods are sometimes not the best foods for a weight-loss agenda. USAF LivingFit will show participants that those foods can still fit into a healthy diet by controlling portion distortion. Portion distortion is super large amounts of food or drink – and USAF LivingFit presents guidelines on how to manage in a “super-size me” world.

USAF LivingFit provides tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle!
US Air Force members and their families can achieve their weight loss goals by using USAF LivingFit – it’s designed to support members every step of the way. Learn how USAF LivingFit can help you – go to www.usaffitfamily today! Plus this Air Force FitFamily website also offers service members and their family’s resources and information on proper nutrition, sports and fitness, games, educational projects and a host of other tips and ideas to keep a family fit.


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