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Cooler Weather
Motivates This
USAF FitFamily!

Fall is a vibrant season full of rich color, crisp weather and fun family activities. Even if you don’t live in a place that sees a lot of colorful leaves as the season changes or experience a noticeable change in the temperature, there are many fun family things to do outdoors. Let’s take a look at how our USAF FitFamily of the month – the Parker’s – take advantage of what the fall season has to offer.

Fall finds this USAF FitFamily on a bike trail!
Master Sergeant Sabrina Parker, (assigned to the 307 Bomb Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana) and husband Elliott make sure no more than two weeks go by before the next family activity! “The fall season definitely gets us outdoors, but with school back in session, the time to do family activities gets a little trickier,” said Sabrina. Walking, running and bowling are among the Parker’s regular outings together. Crisp, cool air and beautifully colored leaves are special features of the fall season. Taking a closer look at nature is one fall activity Sabrina, Elliott and sons Sean-Elliott (13), Brandon (11), Jeremiah (7) and daughter Jada (9) enjoy. The spectacular foliage show put on by the leaves changing colors as they bike the trails by the Louisiana Red River is a family favorite.

Other USAF FitFamily members helped mold the Parker’s fitness goals!
“Reading about other busy families at the USAF FitFamily website and some of the fitness activities they do together has helped our family incorporate similar activities into our lives,” Sabrina exclaims. “It’s not only influenced us to live a healthier lifestyle, but has promoted more family talks and strengthened our relationship. And the best part about the FitFamily program is that even if I am deployed or on a temporary duty assignment – as a family, we can still do things together using the tools on the FitFamily website.” With all the fall school activities like football, dance and homework, the Parker family needed a system to help keep the family focused and held accountable for their fitness goals. FitFamily members can use Goal Tracker as a tool to monitor fitness programs. For the Parker family, Goal Tracker helps keep the children interested and challenged. A little fun-family competition heats up as sons Sean and Brandon vie to see who can perform the most push-ups and sit-ups each month. Jada and Jeremiah use the activity calendar to measure their own progress. And Sabrina and Elliott delight in how the family is encouraged to have fun while staying fit using the USAF FitFamily program.

Fall fitness tips!
As a very busy, active family of six, the Parker’s have learned that carving out time for the whole family to be together can be monumental. Rearranging schedules and shifting priorities becomes complicated, so to combat the complexity, the Parker’s choose family activities that are simple. “It’s easy to get everyone together to walk around the neighborhood for some healthy exercise or rake leaves together,” says Sabrina. There are endless possibilities to make outdoor activities fun and educational. One way is to have the kids identify the type of tree the leaves fell from on your walk or during leaf raking. Another is to take a trip to the zoo or a farm where children can get up close and personal with animals. Fall is apple and pumpkin season and the only time of year you can pick ripe apples right off the tree! It’s a great way for families to get outside, get some exercise and make yummy fall refreshments like cider, apple and pumpkin pies! 

Invite family and friends to use USAF
“I am thankful for the FitFamily website because it gave a new found beginning to this 15 year Air Force Family,” says Sabrina. USAF FitFamily offers service members and their families a wealth of resources and information on proper nutrition, sports and fitness, games, educational projects and a host of other tips and ideas to keep a family fit. Plus the newest section in USAF FitFamily called USAF LivingFit was designed to help US Air Force members and their families achieve their weight loss goals. With a busy military lifestyle in mind, it’s easy to use and supports members every step of the way.

Sean-Elliott, Sabrina,
Jerimiah, Jada
and Brandon


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