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The United States Air Force takes fitness very seriously,
and keeping its’ military members involved in physical
training is just the beginning – including the entire family
is the next step. USAFFitFamily—a get-healthy initiative—
was launched in January 2010 and is intended to embrace
the entire military community with a program that provides
all the tools necessary to take a proactive approach to
health and fitness.

FitFamily provides activities that make healthier lifestyle choices fun for the whole family. 

But it’s so much more – offering a perfect ‘one-stop-shopping’ experience with nearly
50 links to online resources to help educate families on how to live a healthy lifestyle
together. Discovery Health, Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud, Fat,
5-A-Day For Better Health are just a few of the resources that help families keep up
with the latest information on health and fitness.

Aware of today’s busy lifestyles, FitFamily connects
families with free webinars covering exercise, nutrition
and goal-setting.

Military OneSource offers webinars every third Tuesday and Thursday of each month and even provides a coaching program to help create healthy habits. Quick tips are updated regularly to help improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Some include:

•  Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and take a brisk walk to start your day.
   Invite a neighbor or a friend to make the walk more enjoyable.

•  Forget the drive-through car wash. Wash your car yourself for added exercise.
   You’ll burn calories and save money at the same time.

Also recognizing the benefits of the FitFamily site, educators and physicians are recommending its use to their students and patients. Proper nutrition, healthy recipes and games plus an easy and engaging method to track progress of individual and family health goals are just some of the ways the site helps families


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