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USAF FitFamily – 2010, a Year in Review!

With a deluge of public campaigns addressing child obesity in the United States during 2010, the USAF lead the way by initiating a website that offers a fun, motivational, family-oriented approach to fitness for its’ members and their families. And as the one year anniversary since the launch of the USAF FitFamily website draws near, we’re excited to give an update on some of the families featured on the site earlier in the year. 

Top point earners maintain status!

The Harrison’s were introduced after being top-point earners at the FitFamily website. With both parents working and vast difference in ages between the two older and two younger children, they felt especially challenged to find activities suitable for the entire family. 

FitFamily makes a difference.
“The site has made a profound and lasting influence on our young sons,” said Janice Harrison.  “The entire family now habitually reads food labels, in fact, while on a recent special outing to Burger King, Cameryn read the caloric content on the french-fry wrapper and expressed concern that he may never get to eat there again!” Mom Janice reassured him having French fries once in a while is okay, but also encouraged him to consider other healthier choices offered such as fruit and reminded him eating in moderation along with exercise is the goal.

Branching out!
Continuing to reach a ‘top-spot’ for points earned on the FitFamily site, the Harrison family is a huge advocate of physical activities. This fall included a ‘first time’ sport for the boys, ages 10 and 7 – and preparing them for tackle football has been both a physical and nutritional effort. They also continue to take part in the special services activities at Beale AFB, California, most recently joining a large assembly for 9-11 Kids Day. 

The whole family adjusts!
The Pulliam family stationed at Peterson AFB, Colorado found themselves transferred last year in the dead of winter. Unaccustomed to the snow and cold weather was only a part of the problem they faced – adjusting to the altitude presented a much greater test. Now that winter is back in full-force, their physical activities return indoors with just enough outdoor time to explore the beautiful terrain around Colorado Springs.

Helping others!
As a strong supporter of the FitFamily website, Devon has not only introduced the benefit other military members and their families will find there, but also helped a number of her co-workers set up their own FitFamily account.

The reward is worth the effort.
Challenges abound for the Pulliam family – both Devon (active duty) and Scott work full-time, are full-time students and manage to keep 2 young children involved in as many activities as possible. With an extremely busy lifestyle, they have used the FitFamily site to help them stay on track nutritionally.  “It’s not easy”, says Devon. “But we are diligent and very determined to make the time to get exercise in some way and eat healthy – we just feel better, and that’s what matters!”

Look for replacement activities!
The moderate climate at Hurlburt Field AFB, Florida has allowed Major Christopher Edwards and wife Maria to continue their love of an active outdoor lifestyle. Even though gardening and yard work (some of their favorite outdoor activities) are tempered this time of the year, they maintain a daily walk path and Chris continues to swim at the Hurlburt outdoor swimming pool.

Moderation is the answer.
The Edwards family attention has turned to diet – as it does for most of us this time of the year – maintaining healthy portions and choices and avoiding over-indulgence. Visiting the FitFamily site more frequently has helped. In fact, Chris and Maria recently passed level 3 in participation points!  

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