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Family Sports & Fitness

Strong Individuals Make Winning Teams

Building individual skills helps athletes grow into stronger team players.

Some of us love to play on teams, others enjoy the challenge of individual sports. Even kids who prefer solo sports may be required to play on teams at school. For them, and for “team players” intent on being their best, individual training can help improve skills and boost confidence. Don’t forget to remind kids that improving their overall health is the ultimate goal of any sport. 

Shoot the hoops
•   Practice alone on the court moving from under the basket to the foul line to
    3-point territory and back, working on accuracy and arc
•   Play one-on-one games with a family member or peer to build defensive skills

Dribble and move
•   Set up cones and dribble the ball through the course
•   Dribble and pass with a partner to improve team play

Control the ball movement
•   Set up a cone course and dribble through with controlled moves.
    Increase speed as control improves
•   Keep the ball in continuous movement for at least 5 minutes
•   Pass the ball to a partner or among a small group, focusing on control
•   Improve making and tending goals
•   Set up a goal area on a fence to practice kicking accuracy
•   Partner with a peer or family member to improve goalkeeping skills

All sports
Improve strength and endurance
•   Jump rope
•   Provides cardio workout and improves dexterity
•   Resistance bands
•   Strengthens specific muscle groups
•   Weight training
•   Homemade weights, barbells or weight machines all work well to
    increase muscle strength and endurance

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