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Calorie Count

One sure-fire way to watch your weight is to count calories IN and calories OUT. Here are some ways to burn 100 calories, a good start to balancing out your intake of “treats.” No matter your age or fitness ability, try to incorporate a few into every day.

Balancing Act:
Trade your desk chair (yes, teens, even your chair at home) to a stability ball and burn an extra 4 calories/hour. It may not sound like much, but if you have a desk job and sit for 8 hours a day, that’s 160 calories in a week by just switching your seat. PS: You’ll improve your core strength as you constantly readjust your balance too.

Walk a Mile in Those Shoes:
In one mile of walking (13 – 20 minutes) you’ll burn 100 calories. Want to burn it faster? Jog or run for one mile in 6 -12 minutes and you’ll also burn 100 calories.

You Might as Well Jump:
A 140-pound person burns about 100 calories jumping rope for 10 minutes. So put a jump rope in your briefcase, backpack, handbag or purse and take a jump break.

Boogie Down:
Wave those arms, shake those hips and dance away 100 calories while enjoying your favorite music for 20 minutes.

Active play with young children can burn 150 calories in 30 minutes for a 155-pound person. Teens, that’s another good reason to take on a babysitting job and really get into it!

Wet Your Whistle:
Reach for water instead of a snack when you feel hunger pangs and save an average of 100 calories from going IN. Also, research also shows that drinking cold water may raise resting metabolism by 50 calories a day. That’s 100 calories over 2 days.

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